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Janitorial Services


A clean workplace tells both your customers and employees that you are a professional organization.  We understand the importance of this and work hard to help your company present a well maintained and attractive presence. We understand that no two buildings or organizations are alike, which is why we will sit down with you to discuss and determine daily schedules, maintenance plans, staffing levels, and more—ensuring you get the clean that you and your building need. Our cleaning program includes green cleaning products to protect the environment, colour coded micro fibre cloths to reduce the risks of cross contamination and HEPA filter vacuums to improve indoor air quality.

Carpet Cleaning

Dirt, grime and particles can physically wear out carpeting and upholstery. Liquids and some dry materials can cause permanent stains. Organic materials and germs can hide in the fabric. All of these conditions, if not treated promptly and with appropriate methods, can create an unsightly and unhealthy environment.

Janitor Inc. evaluates and assigns the cleaning method and frequency necessary to extend the life of your investment, improving indoor air quality and result in a more consistent appearance. 



A day porter is responsible for making sure your building looks clean, presentable, and inviting at all times – especially between routine cleaning maintenance activities.

They also ensure the building is safe for all occupants if any unexpected incidents arise, like slippery floors or broken glass.

Discreetly and without intruding on the day-to-day activities in your building, a day porter will operate in the background to ensure everything is taken care of to your standards. They help uphold your facility image by restocking restroom supplies, front lobby support and daily trash removal.

Window Cleaning


Many customers request regular indoor window and glass cleaning as part of their service plan to consistently remove smudges, streaks and soil.  Whether you are a current customer or just need indoor window cleaning, contact us to get interior window and glass cleaning as a special service on a periodic basis, such as quarterly, or in preparation for an event that requires your windows to look sparkling clean.

Stripping/Buffering Floors


Complete floor stripping, sealing, waxing and buffing for all types of hard surface floors. Hard surface floors can be extremely durable, they require proper maintenance to preserve their resilience and luster. With our customized commercial floor maintenance program, we can protect your company’s floor, and keep it looking new.  High traffic areas are prone to dirt and grit. We can remove your floor's old sealer and finish, reseal it with a high-quality all in one sealer and finish and buff the surface to a deep shine. This sealer and glossy finish will extend the wear of your floor, reduce scuff marks and scratches and guard against soil penetration and abrasion.


Speciality Service

From preventative equipment maintenance, parking lot cleaning and replacing burnt-out light bulbs, our general maintenance professionals take care of the day-to-day jobs that keep facilities performing as designed and expected. Listed below are some duties we perform as routine maintenance.


• Parking lot cleaning.

• Replaces light bulbs.

• Sets up and tears down chairs, tables and equipment in meeting rooms, and function rooms.


Janitor Inc. is built on a history of trust, integrity, execution, and quality. We are confident that the results are superior because so much time is invested in preparation.

For janitorial services, please contact us at 404 736-7000 today.